ALGO TRUSS, 2003-2004

In the second year of NYSTAR project (see Algo Curtain Walls above), we prototyped a truss system of curved struts that were fabricated and folded from flat sheets using AlgoRhythm Technology. The concept was an extension of close-packings of curved polyhedra Lalvani had developed in the early 1970’s. A single truss module and a grouping of several modules were constructed. An inventory of small scale laser-cut assemblies was also built to explore alternative curved truss morphologies emanating from AlgoRhythm geometries. The truss shown here was designed in Lalvani Studio and fabricated in metal by Pratt students at the Milgo factory. The Algo Truss the first of its kind.

The following participated in the various prototyping experiments at Milgo: Henry Harrison and Jenny Lee (production managers), Neil Katz (Consultant), and Pratt students Ori  Adiri, Ezra Ardolino, Ajmal Aqtash, Daniel Barone, Christopher Devine, Thorsten Foerster, Brandon Gill, Gershon Gottlieb, Seo Kiwon, Jeff Mitcheltree, Matthew Peterson, Sabrina Schollmeyer, Reza Shricker, Jarrett Shamlain, Che-wei Wang, Hiroshi Yamamoto and  Albert Zuger.

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