TED 2004

TED2004, Monterey CA, February 25th thru 28th, 2004

Haresh Lalvani was an invited speaker at TED2004, Monterey, California, and spoke in the Thursday afternoon session entitled ‘Spectacular Erections’ moderated by TV anchor Forrest Sawyer.

A professor of architecture who’s spent over 30 years at the cross-section of nature and mathematics, seeking “to decode the architectural genome” – and now his work appears to be permitting the creation of enchanting new structures with beautiful, biologically-inspired forms.


Designing Minds To the Millstone

Published: March 04, 2004

Known for ”transformative experiences,” in the words of Chris Anderson, the 47-year-old publishing magnate whose nonprofit organization, the Sapling Foundation, bought the conference in 2000, TED has long been a brain safari with plasma televisions in which people like the Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos, the America Online founder Stephen M. Case and the ”Simpsons” creator Matt Groening sip Starbucks while milling about curvilinear algorithmic steel columns designed by an ”architect-morphologist” trying to decode ”the architectural genome.