The Fields Scuplture Park, Omi

HareshLalvani-X-TOWER88.2-2014_Detail1The Fields Sculpture Park at Omi International Arts Center

Installed June 14, 2014 at Omi International Arts Center, Ghent, N.Y.

Trees, nature’s anti-gravity inventions, stretch upwards to rise against the ubiquitous force of gravity to shape themselves. Self-shaping is nature’s way to achieve its incredible forms. The X-TOWER series is born from this inspiration, an idea that the objects and structures we build can shape themselves as they “grow” under force, externally applied for now. With advances in nano-technology and genetics, this force will be internalized into matter which will be programmed and encoded to grow. These experimental structures, shaped as towers, rise from single flat metal sheets to attain their emergent forms.

The X-TOWER 88.2 is our largest outdoor piece in the tower series, and the installation for The Fields at Omi International Arts Center is our first public sculpture from this series. It is dedicated to the majestic Sequoia, the tallest symbol of the diminishing plant kingdom which enables our planet (and us) to breathe.

X-TOWER is a companion to the X-POD installed concurrently at Architecture Omi.


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